Rekey Locks

locks rekeyThe film industry has created a myth around intruders but, in reality, these people don’t like taking risks and definitely prefer properties with the least possible security measures and old locks, which can be violated easily. Rekey Locks Richmond Hill knows well what properties demand in order to be considered completely safe. If you don’t want your name included in the home invasions list of Ontario, you should trust the good work of our technicians.

Sometimes, police officers don’t find the exact point of entry in home intrusions because there are no apparent signs, which means that intruders may have just walked through the door. That’s why key change on a regular basis is very important. Our company in Richmond Hill is aware that people have the tendency of sharing their keys with acquaintances or hiding them in the yard but these are all bad habits, which make key replacement even more important.

Replacing the existing keys with the simple rekeying process will not cost you much but it will give you the chance to have a new set of lock and key often. We can offer excellent solutions, high tech products and professional service. The master key system of every property is a private matter and that’s why Rekey Locks Richmond Hill chooses its technicians for their discretion, responsible manners and reliability. We can guarantee safety, credibility and excellent work.